28 December 2013

Circular No 634

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 28 of December 2013 No. 634
Dear Friends,
Finally, something on Fr. Peter. Thank you, guys.
Now, maybe someone can give us an insight on Fr. Bernard?
We must remember that the newer Old boys did not meet him as a Headmaster.
Also, I have included the list of the deceased clergy in the Monastery´s cemetery.
Can anyone tell me why there are three dates on some of the plaques?
On Monday, December 16, 2013 6:30 PM,
Sterwest <Jon@sterwest.com> wrote:
Amigos, Hermanos del montana!
You have to read this account I have not shared with many!
I can vouch for the respect and awe we all had for this most wonderful example of what all the monks should have been like!!
At least we had one amazing example, inspiration and holy memory to carry away after our years of incarceration in the ‘prison on the hill’
(That’s what we used to call it in when we sang in the VW bus coming back from an outing or scout trip with Skull driving, singing the marching song with our own words).   
Fr Peter had a saintly walk and quiet peaceful smile wherever he went. 
I remember it well.
He would come into the big study hall to give us in Form 1 (1956) our classes in religion. 
And, as Andres said, he would draw the most beautiful scenes in coloured chalk on the wide blackboard as he related bible stories and the like.
I always remember when he come in to give the class we were always talking, shouting and fighting one another, throwing paper and being a pain in the ass.
He would walk in quietly and smile at us and stand quietly in the middle at the front. 
He would bow his head in prayer it seemed and have hands together. 
Waiting patiently for us to be quite and to stop frigging around!!.
Most times we did, but on the occasions we ignored him he would look up and quietly say, “Boys, boys!” in a gentle and kind way.
And if we did not stop he’d repeat it after waiting and if it got to a third time he’d raise his voice almost to a shout and look sternly at us and say, “Boys, let us begin!”
Those were the only rare occasions we ever heard him speak loudly and firmly and it always had the same effect.
We were filled with a holy fear and froze. 
He would then say the opening prayer, and after Amen we’d have a great class.
On one occasion he told us about exorcism since I guess as the closest to God of all the monks he was the only one who had the power to exorcise evil spirits.
One story I remember vividly was when he told us about an occasion when he used to go the Rest House (you remember that building for visitors just below the church and next to the grave plot where the monks are buried?)
He said they would occasionally bring possessed people up from the village, and the place they chose to do the exorcism was the rest house. 
I suppose, after the church experience related below which I did not know about, they found a better venue since it was the place they used until about 1955.
He told us of an occasion when they brought this young woman to him who was in quite a state and they took her into the rest house, closed all the doors and windows and he stayed alone with her began to pray and rebuke the devil. 
He said the woman became like an animal screaming and shouting at him, and the tables and chairs began to move and started smashing with force against the walls at great speed, Out of nowhere!
He continued praying strongly, ignoring the damage that was going on and the chaos and damage happening inside the Rest House. 
Then, he said, he heard loud crashing on the galvanize roof of the Rest House which other monks on the outside said they witnessed and huge stones and boulders came crashing down onto the roof from the sky on a clear day, no rain or clouds. 
This went on for a while inside and outside as he continued to defy the devil with his prayers and exhortations, and then everything went calm and the woman passed out.
When she was revived she was healed and acted very naturally and could not remember anything, and peace came on the Rest House but a great deal of damage had to be repaired.
He said this was the most terrifying experience they all had, but they did God’s work and succeeded.
Apparently, other exorcisms he and another monk did never got to that level but this was an exception to remember! 
No one could speak during that class as he related this story with great humility, and we remained in shock even after the class ended.
But, that was this Saint of a man and the one I think most of us who knew him remember with great pride and respect.
God bless him, and we hope to meet him again one day in the next life! Amen! 
Jon Golding
Sent: 16 December 2013 20:21
Subject: The Holy One / Fr. Peter / Our Saint.
Thank You, Sir Bandit.
This is no Tale.  This is the real McKoy, hombre.  This is the truth, this is the Mount some of us knew, eh, Bandit,
I heard an exorcism in progress, me and another buddy from south.
We were hiding right outside the window, I was so scared, man.
The Mount is one of the only places in Trinidad that could have dealt with such rare situations.
The Mount is still a Secret in Trinidad, maybe one of the Holiest places in the region.  How would they know, unless they come with open hearts.  They did once.
What happened??
Did God leave the Mount? 
Best regards, my brothers,
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 14:09:09 -0500
Wow -- is that strange? -- We old boys from 1944 and up always though and considered Father Peter a saint.
His demeanour was completely different from all the other priests or brothers.  As a big boy in the 1950s he would tell me and another student, Donald Boyd, strange stories that happened at the church.
I remember one up to this day, and at the time and even now I still wonder if it was true and it was not the first of many strange stories about encounters with SATAN --THE DEVIL, which was told to us by father Peter.
This story went like this.
In those days, many people went to the Mount with family to drive out devils -- It was very, very secretive but I know it happened often, as it also happened to a friend of mine´s sister.
That’s another long story for another time.
Father Peter told me and my friend that a woman was brought to the church to have a devil driven out of her -- The woman was black, shaking and cussing the priest in the worst filthy language you can imaginable – The priest knew it was not the woman but the devil and kept praying and commanding the devil to leave -- Get out of the woman! -- When suddenly the woman started walking up the walls of the church.
I questioned father Peter in disbelief – Father, how can she or anybody walk up the walls of the church to the ceiling of the church.
His only answer was in his usual gentle voice, “My son, you have no idea of the power of the devil” – And, he did not continue to say anything else –
I and Donald walked away questioning the truth of what this saintly priest had told us and both concluded that it must be true for we could not doubt whatever came from the mouth of Father Peter –
Up to today I still think he was a saint and my mind still questions what he told us,  and I still cannot say what he said was not true.
At a later time I was a witness to an exorcism -- Not pretty—
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 13:45:09 -0400
Dear Brothers and Father,
I met Fr. Peter, already a very old monk by 1959 and 60.
He used to give us Religion and was very well loved by all of us students.
He had a very mild character and condition, was always smiling.
He used to give his class with a lot of coloured drawings of the themes treated.
Very many drawings.
I still recall the beautiful images as angels, crosses with lambs and the like. I just do not know why but he became like my kind of Confessor.
I used to come to his cell which was a very sober monk´s quarters in the enclosure to chat whatever.
His cell did not impress me very much for I had in an earlier stage of my life visited a cloistered nun, my mother´s cousin, in a cloister convent somewhere in POS.
I remember a sign indicating CHARITAS in that place.
Something which impressed me very much was the quantity of shelves full of books that adorned the entire passage to Fr. Peter´s cell in the enclosure area.  
Books from floor to ceiling!!!
I was by that time already a classic book worm.   
This is all I recall of Fr. Peter ... have always thought of him placidly ... he stills enacts in me this kind of indulgence in myself!!!  
A saint?? Do not know, but for me :  
Saints must be very near to him!!!
Andres (Freddy) Freites
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 19:23:33 +0000
My Dear Brother, Fr. Harold, 
You are a True Monk, what a wonderful story of pure blood, sweat & tears, my brother, you are a gift to us. 
In you we have a Monk, a Father, a Teacher, a Knight, our Brother.  
Father, God has blessed this Club of Knights, for about 16 years now.
I am so sorry to hear of some of our brothers passing away lately.   
Over the past few years, many of our younger brothers, left us at such young ages, 30's, 40's, 50's, friends my age, quite a few in my group, we have had some major hits.  
Now the older brothers, 67-77 yrs. old, seem to be smarter and take better care of themselves, also more religious to some extent, also coming from a more disciplined world, and it shows in this Club. 
They are also at a more relaxed stage in their lives. 
Many retired and enjoying that peace and tranquillity we all seek.  
The funny thing in this Club, is the older the brother, the more intelligent he is, ha! ha!,    
The one reunion I've ever been to, was in Toronto a couple of years ago, not one guy from my time, but I felt like we were all there the same time,
I never met any of these guys before, Sir Nigel, Sir George, Sir Cornel, Sir Freddy & Sir Trevor.  We were hugging when we were leaving, we never got to discuss any serious stuff, as Sir Nigel had we laughing for at least 3 hours, ha! ha! I can't even remember the music that was playing.  Tthe food was good, what a good time, looking forward to doing it again.
I think you know Fr. Peter?  
I don't know much about this Monk, but any time I saw him, I would always go over and say “Hello Father.”  He would always say, ‘God Bless You My Son”.  After being blessed by this Monk, I don't need no more blessings.  He was a saint to me.  I think Freddy (Andres Freites) knew him well, I would like to know more.   
Now, about the Rome statement I made, I am sorry, but I remember one year an auditor came from Rome to the Mount, maybe around 1968.  Well that's what we were told, is this just a story?? 
So, that's where my statement came from. 
Now, you know the Benedictines, like the Jesuit Monks, did not always see eye to eye with Rome, but that is another story, ha! ha!  
However, this new Pope, what a breath of fresh air.  I hope he stays for a long time.  He has the vision, and the creative mind, to put a new paint job on a very old wall, and he is connecting with the young generation and understands these times, that they live in, as he knows, from Argentina & South-America. 
Father, I always talk too much, so I must stop and thank you now, for sharing such a personal part of your life with us, in this letter, only reassuring us, of what it takes, to be a True Knight.  
As we walk in the Light, May God Bless Us All, Amen.   
I remain your humble Brother, Cheers, Mis Amigos –
Adios, Glen McKoy. (A Member Of The Writers Of Knights). 
On Tuesday, December 17, 2013 3:07 PM,
Anthony Cintra <celandaal@hotmail.com> wrote:
Dear Colleagues,
The Bandito is correct.
I recall Anthony Llanos and I with two other boys, chaplet in hand, looking at Fr, Leo doing an exorcism.
At a point we ran like blazes and agreed to keep it a secret.
I heard of the lady flying out the church window and Fr. Peter bringing her back.
I always thought Fr. Peter was saintly, even after I returned as a lawyer and would visit the Mount. 
The man was a saint.  However, as you know, many saints are not recognised.
All the best 
Kind regards,
Ladislao Kertesz at kertesz11@yahoo.com,
MSBAP24MI6512, Mount Inside
13UN0001FPA, Archbishop Pantin
13UN0009CEMETERY, List of the dead in the Monastery´s cemetery
57DB0001POOLGRP, New pool and kids

21 December 2013

Circular No 633

Newsletter for alumni of The Abbey School, Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Caracas, 21 of December 2013 No. 633
Dear Friends,
Merry Christmas to all readers of this Circular Newsletter, keep well and hope to see you next year 2014.
Glen Mckoy
29 Nov
Dear Sir Nigel & Sir Ronald,
This is wonderful to read, another brother found, so that make the count 1501, ha! ha!
Anyhow, Ronald, your old buddies will be contacting you in due course, we are a close knit group, for those who care, we have brothers from the 1940's to the 1980's, so any brothers you may want to contact, please don't hesitate to ask, we will find them,
Welcome to The Club, our brother & friend, Sir Ronald Hadeed.
Long live our Brotherhood,  Long Live The Mount,
Cheers, Amigos, Adios. Glen McKoy.
From: nigelboos@eagles-wings.ca
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 13:47:06 -0500
Hi, Ronald,
Welcome to the Old Boys Association of the Abbey School, MSB/
(There must be a more exact name for the group, but I forget what it is.)
We've been looking for you for 13 years and now, Joe has run into you.
That's great.
You'll now become party to whatever stuff we generate among ourselves, and feel free to contribute your own stuff.
I'd be particularly interested in getting a paragraph from you explaining what you've done with yourself since 1966, and hopefully, a recent photograph of yourself, for the record.
Here's a link to the latest MSB OB database. 
See if you can end yourself there:
Nigel Boos
From: Glen Mckoy [mailto:mckoy43glen@hotmail.com
Sent: 20 May 2012 13:30
Subject: The First Venezuelan
My Dear Trevor, 
Thank you for this, you just solved a part of our puzzle.  
It's so good to hear from you man, but ah guess we had to ask the right question ha! ha! to get your attention,
I will like to know what ever happened to this 1st Venezuelan brother, now we have the full name. 
I hope all is well best regards to you and the family, have a great summer, mi amigo,
Cheers, Glen.
From: tevelyn@rogers.com
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 18:37:08 -0400
The first Venezuelan at the Mount was Oscar Schnell, the best center forward we ever had.
Trevor  E.
From: mckoy43glen@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: New Linked In MSB Group launched today!
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2013 14:09:31 +0000
Thank you, Jon, for getting this organized not everyone is on the same page, and this is a good way to do this, only those who are interested will part take, as it is still open to the general alumni.
Of course we must always operate in a professional manner, as we are also the representatives and Alumni of The Abbey School, and with great respect to all the people we represent.  
I also Bcc. names that are always here, but like to keep a low profile, I like that ha! ha!  
Cheers, Glen. 
Subject: Re: New Linked In MSB Group launched today!
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2013 04:49:57 -0600
Hi Jon....
Congrats, great work. 
Please send me an invitation to join.....
Thanks, George
Subject: New Linked In MSB Group launched today!
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 21:52:23 +0000
Hello Everyone
And my best wishes for a Happy Christmas, Feliz Navidad season and enjoyable celebration of the Nuevo Anno!
To help this happen I have today set up a Group on Linked In – Mount St Benedict OLD BOYS, which as some of you who are members will know, is the most professional and respected network on the web and the GOTO place for Fortune 500 and most other employers.  
It is also a great place to meet new professional contacts and to check out anyone who we meet or who want to do business with us.
It takes a little while to construct your profile but once you are up you will be surprised how visible you become globally and are there to make useful new contacts. 
Also a good place to get public endorsements from other professionals.
Anyway, I am sending this to the Glen McKoy circle to announce this new platform and inviting everyone to join if they wish.
But keep in mind this is NOT Facebook and not a place for gossip or unprofessional behaviour.
I have gained a great deal from my L-I presence and it continues to amaze me the people who ask to be connected.
I hope this new Group will form a core of the more serious of our crowd who can engage with one another in business and professional camaraderie.
So don’t delay, sign up on L-I today and join the group since we can help one another in more ways than you think.
And let’s not stop the shit talk and old stories on Glen’s Club!! That is what keeps us going!!
Have a great break and hope to see you on Linked In.
Best wishes
Jon Golding
PS:  And, spread the word for other old Boys to join since I only have this list to work from. 
From: Glen Mckoy [mailto:mckoy43glen@hotmail.com
Sent: 20 May 2012 13:30
Subject: The First Venezuelan
My Dear Trevor,
Thank you for this, you just solved a part of our puzzle. 
It's so good to hear from you man, but ah guess we had to ask the right question ha! ha! to get your attention,
I will like to know what ever happened to this 1st Venezuelan brother, now we have the full name.
I hope all is well best regards to you and the family, have a great summer, mi amigo, Cheers
Csaba Jakobszen
Dec 19, 2013
Dear Ladislao,
First of all I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 with good health, good luck and lots of success in all your endeavours.
Thank you once more for your fruitful efforts to keep us, old MSB boys, informed about the activities and destinies of our schoolmates of long ago.
Your e-mails and the ones of Nigel Boos keep us really up-to-date in the worldwide scenery of our MSB friends who are scattered in just about every corner of this world of ours.
The only negative part of all this is the fact that some of the news are full of sorrow: during the last couple of weeks three of our MSB boys were called by Our Lord to leave this valley of tears and to join him in heaven.
May they Rest in Peace.
Keep up the good work !
Best regards
Nigel Boos
Dec 11
Thanks very much for your input, Robert.
This again, is news to us, and it's interesting to note that the authorities had received a professional opinion that they should increase fees. Wow!
This gets "interestinger and interestinger".
May I ask you where you live, and would you be able and willing to let us have a recent photograph of yourself, for the record?
Thanks, Robert.
On 2013-12-11, at 12:38 PM, robertdyal43 wrote:
I am a Mount boy who was there when Rudi Singh was there.  My father actually did an audit of the school and he had determined that to stay in business they should increase the fees as they had already refused government help as they wanted full control of who got to go, their students.
This is to answer the question why the school did not survive, that’s my contribution 
-------- Original message --------------------------------------------,
From: Nigel Boos <nigelboos@yahoo.ca
Date: 11/12/2013 1:22 PM (GMT-04:00) 
Subject: Questionnaire 
Hi, you guys,
Don Mitchell is coordinating a 2014 grand Reunion of all Old Boys of the Abbey School, and has asked me to help by mailing the attached questionnaire to you.
He's trying to understand how many he should expect, to be able to make the necessary accommodation and admin plans.
Please complete and return the form to DON, AND NOT TO ME, at your convenience.
By the way, in case you're interested, here is a link to the current database of the MSB OB's:
Nigel Boos
Dec 14, 2013
Thanks for this wonderful story, Fr. Harold.
You're bringing the Abbey School back to life with your input.
I never attended an art class in all my life, and I always wondered why this had been omitted from our curriculum.
BTW, we have in our database 2 guys named Rampersad who, if the record is correct, graduated in '69.
One is Fidel and the other Krishna.
Question: Could this be a case of duplication, and could the two names be referring to the same person?
From: amickiew@att.net
Subject: Re: Beti and Baitoei
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 08:53:20 -0600
Thanks for the Hindi lesson,  धन्यवाद् dhanyavaad
From: Glen Mckoy
Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 6:59 AM
Subject: Beti and Baitoei
That is correct, Nigel.  I don't know if it’s the correct spelling, this how it is spoken, boy is Bayta, and girl is Baytee
On 2013-12-16, at 1:47 PM, GEORGE wrote:
Perhaps it is spelled differently
Subject: Beti and Baitoei
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 16:54:04 -0500
Someone, please correct me if you know better.
I believe that the generic name for an Indian boy is "baitoei" and the name for "an Indian girl" is "beti". 
That's my tuppence.
Ladislao Kertesz at kertesz11@yahoo.com,
MSBAP23MI6512, Mount Inside
185743LK13FB, Gangaram Grampersad and Azizul Mohamed
59LK0008TERMREP, Terminal Report 1959, Ladislao Kertesz
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